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An applicant must resolve legal matters and receive approval from the court and/or their probation officer to enter our program. If you have specific questions or need clarification about your particular situation please call the following:

Admissions – Debra Firat (423) 756-5558 x 130

Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth’s desire is to fulfill all of the requirements of the court for residents that may be probated to our facility as a sentencing alternative. This is to communicate what we require in order to issue an intake date to an applicant for entrance into our program. Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth requires a copy of the court order or letter from the court that contains the following information:

  1. A statement whether the applicant is required to complete the entire program and graduate as part of a sentence agreement.
  2. A statement that all legal issues under the jurisdiction of the issuing court have been taken care of or postponed until the applicant has completed the program. Teen Challenge cannot transport students to court appointments or other hearings.
  3. A list of people with contact information that may require periodic progress reports, how often they need to be and the form the updates need to be in (fax, phone, email).
  4. A list of all persons with contact information that need to be notified if the applicant leaves the program or is dismissed from the program.