Volunteer Opportunities

Your volunteering makes a big impact on this ministry and in the lives of our Counselors and Residents! Choose the activity(ies) that are right for you or your group. Below are our ideas. We’re open to yours!

We have several needs that might be a good fit for a group. For individuals, if you see something on these lists you’d like to give, we are very grateful!

Conduct a food drive

Food is our number one expense – nearly $9000 per month. We appreciate food drives for the following items:

·         Canned green beans

·         Canned tomatoes

·         Tomato sauce

·         Canned black bean

·         Canned corn

·         Pasta of all kinds

·         Rice

·         Pasta sauce

·         Bottled water

·         Colas – especially Coke, diet Coke, root beer, orange, Mello Yellow, Dr. Pepper

Hold a “necessities” drive

53% of our students from homelessness or jail and have only the clothing on their backs. Here, they learn disciplines such as showering daily. We always appreciated –

·         Razors

·         Soaps

·         Shampoo and cream rinse

·         Deodorant

·         Men’s new underwear (sizes S, M, L and XL)

·         Women’s new underwear (5, 6, 7 and 8)

·         Women’s sports bras (S, M, L and XL)

Build with us

We have a number of projects on our wish list:

  • Outdoor ceiling fans for the men’s patio. This is where our men sit and talk. During the summer heat, it can be uncomfortable.
  • Raised garden beds. We have a small grant for our female students to build raised garden beds enclosed by a fence to keep Mr. Groundhog out. All we lack is direction and project management!


Garden with us

Calling all gardeners! Once our raised garden beds are constructed, we need occasional instruction on—

  • What to plant
  • How to plant and
  • How to care for our plants through the seasons.


GIVE US A break!

Our students devote themselves to the study of God’s Word and their daily chores. In their downtime, they would very much appreciate –

·       An ice cream social

·       A cookout

·       A boat outing

·       A biking opportunity

·       River rafting

·       Tickets to a Lookouts game or local football game

·       A concert on our campus

By Month

Holidays, seasons and observances offer several ideas for Volunteers to make an impact in the lives of our students while they work hard on recovery. Click on the month to see the ideas we came up with!!

New Years Party for residents

Valentines for counselors and residents

Valentines cookies

St. Patrick’s Day cookies

Easter cookies

Easter crafts

A Memorial Day celebration

A summer cookout

4th of July festivities

Celebrate one of these National Observances:

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – Aug 2

National Lemonade Day – Aug 20

National Banana Split Day – Aug 25

National Trail Mix Day – Aug 31

Throw a Fall Festival

Fall Crafts

Observe National Hair Day with shampoos and haircuts for our residents!

What about Tacos for everyone on National Taco Day – Oct 4

We’re all about Pumpkin treats on National Pumpkin Day – Oct 25

Please don’t forget National Chocolate Day – Oct 28

We’d be thankful for Thanksgiving crafts and treats

Christmas treats and crafts

Small Christmas gifts for staff and residents

Volunteer Opportunities
Thank you for your willingness to make an impact in the lives of our residents and staff. Please complete the form below and we will respond promptly.