Since the late 1950’s, the name Teen Challenge has not described the demographics of the students in our program. In 2018, with permission from the National office, we were given permission to add “Adult &” to the front of our name. Now, we have permission to rename our center.

As a key supporter of this ministry, we want to offer you the opportunity to submit your idea for a new name. Ideally, it will —

  • Be no more than three syllables. When it comes to names, people don’t care for long names — and they just won’t say them. People prefer short names (3 syllables or less) which is a reason people still shorten ours to “Teen Challenge”. If the name you like is more than three syllables, consider what it might be shortened to.
  • Be memorable. The best way to do this is to tie it to the brand promise – life change. When a name is a promise, it has immediate intrinsic value.
  • Include no hyphens or special characters that would be difficult to remember.

Our process is simple –

  1. We’re inviting key supporters and Board Members to participate in submitting their recommendations.
  2. Once we’ve gathered recommendations, our team will select four names that meet our criteria and research url options.
  3. We will engage a graphic designer known for branding expertise to begin concepts on these four options.
  4. Finally, we will pull together groups for qualitative analysis of these options. We want to understand what comes to mind when they hear the name and see the logo concept.

Our timeline is short.

We hope to announce a new name in early spring of 2022.

You have received this link because of your support of this ministry. We invite you to submit your recommendation.

Thank you!