Sabrina’s Story

Sabrina’s Story
“I have used alcohol for many years to seek relief from life’s troubles. About 15 years ago, my whole life changed when my son was diagnosed with cancer. Until then, my fulfillment came from being a wife and mom; I even volunteered in my community. You could say I was a good, moral person. But when my son got cancer and I couldn’t ‘fix’ it, I turned to alcohol. 

“I felt broken for many years after that day. My son got better after 5 years of treatment but I got worse. I felt so much shame for turning to alcohol and blaming God for all my son’s pain. I blamed myself thinking this was my payback for all the bad choices I ever made.

“I tried AA, rehabs, mental health facilities and highly regarded therapists and psychiatrists. Doctors put me on antidepressants and mood stabilizers which helped for a little but as most people know, they don’t work well with alcohol.

“I started attending church, wanting to hear God speak to me but there was confusion in my head and heart that gave me no rest or peace. I knew how the enemy spoke to me but I couldn’t hear God. 

“My father passed a short time later. I was still empty, lost and confused, and now grieving the loss of my dad. I had nothingto give to my daughter to help her through this loss, as well. 

“A few days later, I drank …doing the only thing I knew that would bringrelief, if only for a short time. The enemy kept saying, ‘Why do you keep trying to live this life?’ On the sixth day, I wrecked my car under the influence of alcohol. My life was a mess and completely falling apart.

“I went to my pastor as a broken woman who had completely failed at my life. H told me that Jesus could change everything and suggested Adult and Teen challenge. 

“There was a church family whose spiritual gift was fostering kids. They were willing to take Mia, my daughter, into their home. I was sent to a place to detox from all psychiatric medications, antidepressants and mood stabilizers, and then came to Adult and Teen Challenge. 

“Within a short time of arriving, I prayed for God to change me and to create in me a clean heart. I was giving up and surrendering my life to God.  There was a stillness and God drew me deeper, revealing my innermost secrets to him, secrets he already knew. My heart hurt so much I didn’t think I would make it. It was a sorrow for my life’s decisions and actions that led me here. I confessed, asked God for his forgiveness and this genuine repentance began.

“God started to reveal himself to me. I cried out to him with all I had in me and he heard me. Scripture started to jump off the page and speak to me. I began seeking God in my brokenness and he began to fill that emptiness I had felt for so many years.  His promises spoke to me saying, ‘I am your healer and redeemer who restores you. I am with you always’. Soon, this invisible God became visible in my life.

“I graduated from Adult and Teen Challenge on Friday January 24, 2020. I now have a life full of meaning and passion for what I do.  The Lord has restored my relationship with my children. I have a real relationship with God and I’m blessed to be able to live that out in front of my children. I do not hide from my pain and failures anymore. It is part of my testimony.”