Vision & Values


Our mission is to provide adults  (18-50) freedom from addiction and other life-controlling issues through Christ-centered solutions.


Our vision is freeing all people from life-controlling issues through the power of Jesus Christ!
Core Values


We treat people like Jesus did, with eyes of grace
while speaking the truth.


We understand that ATCM belongs to God and we are honored to join Him in
His work. As such, we give our very best to accomplish the work He gives us.


Truth is an attribute of God and we aspire to be like Him. We commit to be open and honest with one another.


God’s forgiveness is a pattern for our own. We chose to forgive and live in peace.


The men and women in our care, and those with whom we work, are treasured by our Savior, and we are honored to serve them.


We live to become more like Jesus and take part in the Great Commission by making disciples and investing our lives in such a way they can know how to please Him.

Although no one can change their past, they can certainly learn from it and move on. It provides lessons and experiences that help people to grow and mature and decide what they want for the future. Freeing themselves from the grip of addiction can be very empowering and motivating. It is a new lease on life to make positive changes.

Community in Prayer

Our ministry is more than a recovery program. We are a path lighting the way to Jesus, the One who holds the keys to freedom from life-controlling problems.

As you go through your day-to-day activities, our office lifts you and your loved ones to Him. We pray for wisdom as you make decisions, His words as you speak to those who need truth, comfort when you are discouraged, and strength when you are exhausted. We stand with you in prayer across the miles.