We’re Stepping onto the Front Line

As 2020 closes and we turn the corner on the pandemic, we believe we will see the fallout from the stress of the losses, including loss of loved ones, jobs, opportunities and social interaction. 

Alcoholism is a common coping response to stress and, historically, it has increased in the US following catastrophic events. The COVID-19 pandemic is longer lasting and more extensive than previous traumatic events–with widespread social disruption and isolation, limited social support and access to medical care, and negative domestic and global economic impacts. Researchers report it could have an even greater effect on population-wide alcohol use. 

In October of this year, a report published in the JAMA Network Open stated that alcohol consumption has increased by 14% compared to a year ago, including 17% for women. The study also showed a 41% increase in heavy drinking among women (heavy drinking is defined as four or more drinks for women within a couple hours and five or more for men). These statistics are from a self-reported study; the true impact could be higher. For these reasons, we believe Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth will be among the frontline workers in 2021.

Your gift today helps our community in 2021 as we step onto the frontline. 

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