Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, but you say in Jerusalem is the place where people ought to worship.

John 4:20 (ESV)

The verse above is one that is seldom committed to memory. Why? Because in the context in which it occurs, it bears no spiritual nor theological importance whatsoever. The nameless woman who offered these words, has been commonly referred to as “the woman at the well.” She encountered the Messiah during her daily ritual of gathering water at noon to avoid public conversations and the judgmental gazes of those who knew her past—and her present. The willingness of this Jewish man to engage her in conversation is not what she had anticipated nor desired. When it became obvious that He was more concerned about her condition than a drink of water, she tried in vain to divert the conversation—a conversation that would culminate in her life changing forever.

Jesus refused to be distracted from this life-changing moment. Paul, in his letters to Timothy and Titus, challenges both of his protégés to not allow the people to waste their time arguing over trivial matters or discussing endless genealogies. For to do so, was to waste valuable time and, more importantly, miss moments for growing and maturing in their knowledge of Jesus.

I find it encouraging that the tendency to be distracted during the most pivotal spiritual moments is not relegated only to me. I’m glad it’s not just me who thinks of a great song while trying to pray. I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets why I was looking for the passage of Scripture after I finally find it. (Perhaps that one IS just me!) But I would certainly like to think that if I was sitting with Jesus, I would realize the miracle of that moment and focus on His words. 

Our enemy has no new material to offer us. But what he DOES have is knowledge of our predictable tendencies to lose focus and not embrace our moments with the Lord. And he can be so very subtle. How ridiculous to talk about worship when the object of our worship is in our midst! Just like this precious woman, could the love, hope and forgiveness we so desperately need be ours if we would only embrace our moment with Him?