your gift offers hope
by providing scholarships for people who cannot pay for a recovery program

Become a Sustaining Partner

Chuck Costa

Our friend Chuck Costa loved the idea that Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth (ATCM) exists to help people regardless of their background and financial status to find hope beyond their addiction through a relationship with God.

In his honor, we’ve created the community of Charles Costa “funders” – those supporters who make the commitment to give monthly, either online or by check, in order to sustain and ensure men and women in dire poverty have the opportunity for this region’s finest recovery program.

If this your heart, will you join? Your monthly gift of any size makes a big impact on the lives of men and women who are pursing Jesus Christ.

Not Sure How Much To Give?


1 meal for a student in our program


Meals for 1 resident for
1 week


1 Day in our Program for
1 Resident


Group Studies and Personal Studies materials for 1 resident for 1 year.


1 week in our program for 1 man or woman


1 month in our program for 1 resident.


Full Scholarship for 1 resident for 1 year.


ATCM Campus Utilities (Power & Water) for 1 month.

Other Ways to Give…