Your Cost

The cost of providing meals, housing, transportation, and study materials is great – $100 per day. Yet, since 1978, many caring individuals carry much of the cost allowing us to offer limited partial and full scholarships based on your ability to pay for this gold standard recovery program.
Please do not let money come between you and your freedom from addiction!
If you need help with your admissions fee and monthly tuition, we offer partial and full scholarships. These are based on your financial resources.

Partial Scholarships

Admissions fee – $850
Monthly tuition – $300.
This represents a 90% discount.
Personal expenses – $30-$50 each month

Full Scholarships

Admissions fee – $0
Monthly tuition – $0
Full scholarships do not provide funds for personal expenses.

To qualify for a full or partial scholarship
  • Complete the application and make an appointment for Intake.
  • During Intake, talk with our Intake Coordinator, Sabrina, about your financial
* Ask about special considerations.
**ATCM is aware that for some individuals, funds are simply unavailable to cover the fees indicated above. For these, full or partial scholarship are available in order that no one is denied the opportunity for freedom from addiction based upon cost.