Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8 (ESV)

Have I strayed too far? Is my pit too deep? Is my last bridge still burning? These are all questions that broken people ask when their walls begin to close in around them. Many of us have memories of moments when our hopes of a future filled with peace and happiness were gone. For me, there were brief periods when I was young when loneliness prevented me from visualizing the abundant life that Jesus promised. But, even then, I could sense His presence with me and that was enough. However, for those without a relationship with God, the sense of being alone can be paralyzing. For those in addiction, the loneliness is compounded by the perceived rejection of their families as well as believing they have used up their allotted portion of God’s grace. 

James, the half-brother of Jesus, reminds us that our proximity to God is controlled only be our spiritual condition. In his epistle which has been called the “Proverbs of the New Testament,” James constantly reminds believers and non-believers alike that there are responsibilities that come with being a Christian and expecting things from God. Those who are content with their own pride and ingenuity have no need of God – and He typically obliges them with the opportunity to see how far that attitude will carry them.

The Bible teaches that God is attracted to weakness. The prophet, Elijah, found his hope through the whispering voice of God while hiding in a cave. King David, realizing the depth of his sin against God cried out in repentance for the “joy of his salvation” to be returned to him. In both of these lives, and dozens of others in Scripture, God brought hope when those who had been faithless and sinful came to him in humility.

God NEVER ignores the cry of the broken-hearted. The book of Lamentations tells us His mercies are “new every morning.” And, no, His matchless grace is never used up! James’ instructions are so simple. Satan will not hang around where he can no longer have his way. Run to God and God WILL NOT run from you. Those who have known rejection will be rejected no more!