Jason Biddle in concert on August 21st, at Brainerd Baptist BX.  Often compared to Zack Williams in his styling, " />


Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth (ATCM) Is proud to present the ATCM Fall Jam featuring singer/songwriter and powerhouse vocalist Jason Biddle in concert on August 21st, at Brainerd Baptist BX.  Often compared to Zack Williams in his styling, Biddle delivers original Contemporary Christian music with a gritty southern-rock sound, broad range and profound messaging.

Biddle will debut “Come On In”, an anthem penned by Biddle, along with Joel Rousseau, of NBC’s “Songland” and Christian indie-rock band “Carrollton”, and acclaimed singer/songwriter Ian Zumback.

“I wrote ‘Come On In’ thinking about a friend I grew up with who is not yet a believer,” Biddle says. “When we were kids, we used to play on a rope swing in a creek near his house. We tried to push each other in when it was cold. One late fall, after a cold spell, I lost the bet to jump in first. Amazingly, the water turned out to be 40 degrees warmer than the outside air. I kept telling him to jump in, but he was hesitant—until he grabbed the swing and did a back flip into the water.

“That memory felt like a picture of what it means to come to Christ,” Biddle continues. “As we get older and gain worldly knowledge, it can be harder and harder to see the simple truth in front of us. We want the truth to accommodate us rather than realizing we need to accommodate to His Truth. Hopefully one day my friend will grab that rope swing and believe me when I say, ‘the water is fine…just jump in.’”

During the concert, Jason Biddle will share his life-changing journey of overcoming addiction. A star baseball player growing up, he tried out for the Cincinnati Reds while in junior college, but was sidelined by an injury that led to a dependence on alcohol and drugs. His life became a cycle of treatment and relapse, until finally in 2017 Biddle nearly died from an overdose.

Joining Biddle for this inaugural concert is Christian singer Ryan Stevenson. This Dove award-winning artist is known for such hits as “With Lifted Hand,” “Speak Life” and “Eye of the Storm”. This fall he tours with his mega hit “No Matter What”.

With four No. 1 singles, a GRAMMY® nomination, Billboard Music Award nomination, a Dove Award, ASCAP honors, and major tour bills with the likes of TobyMac, MercyMe, Newsboys and Matt Maher, among others, Stevenson has distinguished himself as a rare talent.

Biddle and Stevenson met during a podcast interview last spring. When Biddle told Stevenson he hoped to do a concert for Adult & Teen Challenge in Chattanooga, Stevenson replied with, “If you put that together, I’ll join you!”

Opening for the pair is local Christian band, Natural State, featuring Haley Morgan who says their music comes from a love of their creator and a love of creating for Him. “God is the central figure of everything we write whether it is about joy or love, doubt or disappointment,” says Morgan, adding, “The music has elements of pop, rock and worship with lyrics meant to lead you to a state of wonder and worship to God.”

“It is very humbling when great talents take notice of the work you’re doing,” begins Dr. David McNabb, president/CEO, ATCM. He continues, “We are honored they would make their way to Chattanooga to hold a concert for our benefit.”

Pulling the evening together as Emcee is Ted Gokey, of J103. “No one knows Christian Contemporary Music like Ted,” says McNabb. “In fact, Ted was our first call as this came together,” he adds.

Events like this are always a special treat for staff and students, and McNabb expects Biddle’s testimony of recovery through faith in Jesus will make a lasting impression on the men and women in the ATCM program.

Sponsors for the event include Pinnacle Financial Partners, Portal Fellowship Church and Bennett’s Pressure Washing Service.

Tickets for the concert are on sale now at tcmidsouth.org. All proceeds benefit ATCM.

Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth (ATCM) is a faith-based, residential recovery program for men and women 18-50 struggling with addiction. A 2019 study conducted by the Center for Compassion at Evangel University confirms that an astonishing 78% of graduates from Adult & Teen Challenge centers nationwide remain sober and substance free one and three years post-graduation. The findings confirm that ATC graduates are uniquely successful at finding and maintaining freedom from addiction. For more information, call 423.756-5558 or visit tcmidsouth.org.